Wednesday 25th April, 2018 from 3:00 to 6:30pm

Race Start Time



Nundah Criterium Circuit,
Hedley Ave, Nundah


How far can your team run in 90mins at
1.2km per lap ?

Team Size

All teams have 3, 4, or 5 members. Each team member must run a minimum of 2 laps.

Team Categories

The team categories are:

1. Social runners
2. Clubs
3. Walkers
4. Elite runners

Within each category, teams can register as Male, Female or Mixed. (Minimum of 2 Female Runners in Mixed teams.)

Entry Fee

$150.00 includes a 6m x 3m tent site.
Tents are not provided but teams are welcome to bring their own.

  Race Rules

  1. Each team will have 3 to 5 persons.
  2. Mixed teams will have at least 2 females.
  3. One runner/walker on track at a time per team.
  4. All runners/walkers will wear allocated race bibs on the FRONT of Shirts or singlets.
  5. Each runner/walker will run a minimum of two laps. (2.4km)
  6. No pacing or group finishes.
  7. Two drink stations will be provided on the course.
  8. Special needs (drinks, gel) can be left at Course drink stations only.
  9. All Marshals' instructions must be followed.
  10. Changeover will be in the start/finish area ONLY!
  11. A timing device will be issued to each runner/walker and must be worn for the duration of the relay.


Prizes will be awarded for the longest distance run in each category (Social runners, running clubs, elite runners and walkers) for Male, Female and Mixed teams. 

There will also be awards for the fastest female lap time and fastest male lap time.

There will also be a novelty prize for the most inspirational tent decoration. (Use your imagination!)

Random prize draws will occur throughout the afternoon (winner must be present, otherwise there will be a redraw).


The course is laps of the Nundah Criterium Circuit as shown below. There will be 2 water stations on the circuit.

Click on map below for a larger view of the course.



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